About Us

Dear Friend,

I hope that you enjoy this site. I have worked hard at keeping it easy to navigate, fast loading, and not so painful on the eyes. My eyes just aren't what they used to be so please forgive me if my design appears almost too simple. I promise you will find some gems throughout this site. It will be worth your time to explore every page here.

I might not have a lot of flashy images on this site but the information here is Solid and It Works!

There are so many wonderful advantages to growing your own grapes and making your own wine. This is a practical guide, an introduction to grape cultivation for wine enthusiast and wine lovers who are intrigued by all the fascinating aspects of growing grapes and winemaking.

The grape growing and winemaking method taught here is traditional "Old World". In others words the wine is allowed to makes itself, with minimum intervention from you. The truth be told, its all about the grape. The quality of your wine will ultimately depend upon the quality of your grape. This is why grape growing is so interesting.

Come join me in a round of adventure as we explore the charming world of grape growing and wine making.

Ernie the Crazy Grape Guy.